Gizmo's Friends

This page is all of Gizmo's friends wearing or playing with merchandise from Gizmo's Dog Shop. If you would like your dog to be featured on this page e-mail us a picture or two of your dog with any product from Gizmo's Dog Shop and they could be chosen to be featured. Send all e-mails to with the subject Gizmo's Friends.


 Coco is looking stylish and supporting her mama, and bride to be, Chelsea. Coco loves her Team Bride Shirt which is quickly becoming one of her favorites due to how soft and comfortable it is. Coco is glad she can look this good for all the planning and events that are coming up for her mommy's wedding.


 Teddy is adorable sporting his Cream Plaid Bow Tie. Mom Stacy and Dad Drew think that in his bow tie Teddy is ready for any Holiday Party or Formal Affair that they go to. He is so cute I wouldn't mind finding this present under my Christmas tree.



 Lily adores her Premium Dog Harness and Leash Combo. The comfort padding on the nylon harness means Lily doesn't even mind wearing her harness for long periods of time. Dad Nick even said he noticed that she pulls a lot less with this harness compared to other ones he has had in the past.



 Mamba loves her Retractable Leash with LED Light! She is now able to see what she is sniffing at and her mom Jenna is also happy to be able to spy everything that Mamba is getting into on her walks. She also liked that it  illuminates black Mamba for everyone to be able to see her at night.


Cici is not only Gizmo's friend but her sister (okay not genetically but by adoption) She loves her Frog Rope and Plush Toy. Cici is an intense chewer and can destroy most toys in a matter of a day (or hour). This toy was great because she was able to rip open the frog pull all the stuffing out but then the toy was still one of her favorite because of the super thick ropes that go through the body to make the arms and legs. Ashley and Charlie love this toy because it lasts a lot longer then normal plush toys for heavy chewers like Cici.